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We're sure you have a few questions.

How are you different from other agencies?

The traditional approach of agencies sending unsolicited candidates and vying for retained searches is in a state of decline. We are of the firm belief that it is now imperative to provide upfront value to clients. Hence, we have chosen to revolutionise the conventional model and introduce a novel perspective. Through our exclusive partnership with Rock Paper Video, we can include professional film production as part of our service at no extra charge. This is a professional marketing film (valued at £5,000) that you can take to market to attract not only fresh talent but also new clients and it will cost you £0.00. 

Why would you offer this free? - What's the catch?

Seemingly too good to be true? Allow us to elaborate:


While the market boasts several reputable agencies, it is rare to find one that provides tangible value to clients even before the initial interview stage. Collaborating with you to create a recruitment/branding film marks an ideal commencement to our partnership. This collaborative effort not only enhances our insight into your business but also aids in positioning your brand effectively in the job market for potential candidates. 


How do I qualify for the free video offer?

To be eligible for this offer your business needs to be either B-Corp certified or B-Corp pending. There is no upfront payment for the service but we do ask that you provide us with a video testimonial, a review, and an agreement to be added to your preferred supplies list. You do not have to work with us exclusively to qualify or hire any of our candidates. Once the first interview has taken place, you're free to book your filming day. 

Why would I want video for my business?  

A study recently found that more than 75% of people who visit websites remember most clearly the ones with good videos. Another also showed that more than 80% of people approached by an employer will go straight to their website to check for video. Finally, it was discovered that people retain more than 90% of the information through video rather than the written word. We believe this is highly pertinent so have brought the two services together. A strong video can dial in your value effectively, sell your benefits, attract the best talent, and get them to join you! 

Can I just have the recruitment without the extras? 

Absolutely! We are, first and foremost a recruitment business. You are under no obligation to take advantage of any of our extra services. If you'd rather we just provide candidates, we'll do exactly that. You can always opt for it later. 

The video services sounds great but will I lose money if I hire away from Fresh Take or promote internally? 

No. The film content we provide our clients is 100% free and you are in no way obligated to spend money with us, hire our candidates, or work with us exclusively. All we ask in return is that we are added to your supplier list and you provide us with a testimonial/review. 

Absolutely. The offer is on the table for as long as we work together. The film offer is completely optional. 

Can we decide later if we want the filming?

Can you work with our marketing team on the content?

Absolutely. Our video projects are fully bespoke to each client and we often work alongside marketing teams to ensure the message is dialed in effectively and on brand. 

Does the film need to be recruitment focused? 

The film may span across various facets of the business; however, we suggest some emphasis on recruitment. This initiative aims not only to draw talent to your organisation but also to enhance your brand visibility in other domains, thus potentially offsetting recruitment expenses in other areas like marketing and sales.

Yes. 100%. As the client, you will retain full ownership of all content and distribute it as you wish. We will keep a back-up on our system for a period as well as provide with you your own hard drive containing everything produced for you. 

Will I have full ownership of the content once it had been made?

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