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The First Round on Us!

The average expenditure for interviewing a first-stage candidate in the U.K. ranges from £500 to £700, inclusive of time and resources. Scheduling interviews can pose a significant challenge, potentially resulting in delays and missed opportunities to secure top talent. At Fresh Take, we offer a solution by conducting initial interviews on your behalf, streamlining the process, and facilitating video interviews that you may view at your convenience.

Video Call

Have you ever found yourself in desperate need to hire but struggled to find the time to fit candidates in to interview? Have you ever had to cancel last minute owing to a conflict? Or how about the candidate you knew wasn't right ten minutes in but still had to allocate the time? 

What if with every candidate submitted you could receive extensive cover notes, recommendations, and answers to your specific interview questions set out in advance as well as the first-stage interview recorded and sent to you via a link to review in your time? 

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